Our visit to the new Smiggle store in Plymouth

When Smiggle got in touch and told me that they were opening their new store in Plymouth and asked if we would like to go along for the opening, my answer was obviously a big fat YES!!


I absolutely love Smiggle products, everything is so bright and colourful and definitely not just for kids. I could quite easily spend a fortune in their store!


Kids of all ages go crazy for Smiggle products. I have younger sisters who are 11 and 13 and to say they were jealous of me visiting the new store without them would be an understatement. My little girl is only 3 and she couldn’t get enough, she was like a kid in a candy shop, although at one point her enthusiasm did get a little out of hand when she tangled my hair up in the cat shaped spray bottle fan, (whoops).

Smiggle opened their first store in the UK in 2014, with Plymouth now being there 100th UK store. How amazing is that!


It’s easy to understand after you’ve visited one of their stores exactly why they are so popular. It’s like sensory overload in their stores with all the bright colours and designs, and so many of their products are scented you can’t help picking everything up just to check.


They don’t just sell stationery either, they do so much more such as headphones, lunch boxes, bags, Bluetooth speakers, super cute spray bottle fans, drink bottles, phone cases, the list could honestly go on and on.




All the Smiggle products are designed in-house by their own team of designers and children are encouraged to touch, explore and play, which is amazing as you honestly would have trouble stopping them otherwise.


I’d love to try out these roll-up silicone bottles as they look so cute while being really practical.


All in all, we had a great experience visiting our first Smiggle store together and my highlight of the day would have to be finding this amazing quad colour pen that is also erasable!!!


Someone must be listening in on my conversations as I was literally saying just the week before our visit that I needed a pen like this as I tend to only use erasable pens now because otherwise, my notes would be unreadable with crossed out words everywhere.

Who else has visited a Smiggle store? What did you love about it?

Emz x



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