10 Things I said I’d never do when I became a Mum

I’ve been thinking recently about all the things I said I wouldn’t do when I became a mum. You know back when I was naive about what being a mum actually entailed and how you can have the best plan or intentions going into it but nothing can prepare you for it, so you just end up finding what works best for you along the way. Even if that means going against every thing you said beforehand………………………..So, with that being said, here is my top 10 things I said I wouldn’t do when I became a mum. πŸ™‚

1. I’d never let my child watch TV a lot.

My daughter now has her own TV and ALL of the Barbie films, which have all been watched multiple times.

2. I’d never give in to tantrums and demands.

When the terrible twos hit and I’ve been dealing with tantrums all day I will do anything for a bit of peace and calm.

3 I’d never let my child have biscuits for breakfast.

This one I was adamant about but now I sometimes need 5 minutes to wake up properly before having to deal with sorting breakfast.

4 I’d never spoil my child too much.

I love spoiling my daughter I can’t help it, but it is starting to backfire on me now.

5 I’d never tolerate being talked back to.

How naive was I!?…………………….Like you can actually stop them.

6 I’d never buy my child a tablet.

After having to constantly fight with my daughter to leave mine alone, she’s now getting one for her 3rd birthday next week.

7 I’d never let my child go on my phone.

If I leave my phone anywhere within reach then my daughters on it. She’s even made her own playlist on YouTube and took loads of selfies (mainly of her eye).

8 I’d never bribe my child with chocolate or sweets.

Sometimes this is the only way to get anything done!

9 I’d never use TV as the lazy option to entertain my child.

I do not have enough imagination or ideas to keep my daughter entertained for the 12-13 hours that she is awake, 7 days a week. Plus sometimes I just need a break. (Hence the already mentioned Barbie DVD collection).

10. I’d never lie to my child.

HA!! I love this one.

I use “In a minute” or “Ok then” ALL the time! Yes it can backfire sometimes a lot of the time, (children have a habit of remembering the ‘lie’ you told them about what you were going to do, where you were going to go or what you were going to get them), but sometimes, in that moment, I will do anything to divert a tantrum and not care about the repercussions.

There is probably more I could add to this list but I leave it there for now.

What things did you say you’d never do before you became a parent? Let me know in the comments below or do your own post as I’d love to see if we have any in common.

Emz x

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