Pre-School here we come!

So tomorrow is my little girls first proper morning at Pre-School and to be honest, my emotions are all over the place! I guess most mothers feel this way though right?

The thought of handing her over, to who are (at the moment) complete strangers, really scares me. I’ve been the one looking after her up until now. I know her better than she probably knows herself. I know what she’s trying to tell me when everyone else has no idea what she’s saying. I know what she likes and doesn’t like. How she’s going to react in certain situations and what will and won’t work when trying to calm her down. Isn’t it going to take them ages to figure all this out too? And what’s it going to be like for my little girl until they do? Is she going to feel frustrated because mommy isn’t there to translate what she’s saying?

I have all these questions and many more. I should probably just talk openly to the staff at the Pre-School about my concerns but I have already expressed some and i don’t want them to think I’m too overprotective, even though I probably am a little bit. (More about that when I get round to writing a post about being a mum to an angel and a rainbow).

The main thing is that I know my little girl is ready. She craves the interaction with other children that I can’t give her. She needs some of her own little friends. And despite going to different toddler groups, we haven’t been able to find that for her. I also need to gain some ‘me time’ before I go mad lol.

It took me ages to actually find a Pre-School or Nursery we both liked. We visited the majority of the ones in our area until we finally both agreed on one (I had a check list that a lot didn’t match).

My checklist

  • Friendly, approachable staff that haven’t just finished school themselves. (I’m sorry but i’m a mom and half the time even i don’t know what i’m doing. No childcare qualification is going to change that! I have one of those too!).
  • Grass or rubbery floor stuff outside (you know like in parks lol) NOT concrete! (why do so many have bloody concrete!?).
  • Small group sizes (my little girl doesn’t like too much comotion).
  • Homely feel.
  • Focus more on children having fun rather than stats and targets.
  • My little girl feels comfortable there (she clung to me for the duration of the tour at some).
  • Clean and safe (obvious i know, but i went to a couple that had broken toys that hadn’t been thrown away and others that were just so messy).

The one we picked is only open 9-12 or till 1 if they stay for lunch but this is a compromise i’m willing to make for the right setting. (I was aiming for 8-1). The Pre-School she is going to is in a church hall, so mainly one big open room but it is sectioned off into different areas. They have a max of 20 children at one time but it’s always been a lot less when we’ve been which is perfect. The staff are all ‘mature’ and there is a lovely little outside area. Overall i’m really pleased with it plus my little girl has been asking to go back everyday since our visit.

I’m sure nursery is going to do her the world of good and i’m sure she’ll love it, so i need to stop worrying so much and look forward to a few hours to myself.

Anybody else’s little ones starting nursery soon? How are you feeling?

For those with little ones already in nursery, did it help improve their behaviour at all?

Emz x

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17 thoughts on “Pre-School here we come!

  1. I hope the first morning went well! My toddler is starting nursery in September and I’m feeling a total mix of excited, for her to make friends, mix with other children and have fun. But also really nervous that she won’t enjoy it or they won’t look after her well enough (I know this sounds silly but it’s how I feel) and what if she clings and cries and gets really stressed. Hopefully it goes smoothly for you and I hope it goes smoothly for us in September! #PostsFromTheHeart


  2. Harry went to nursery from 9 months old – starting school and though it was hard leaving him it did wonders for him. He’s now a very social child and very much a ‘joiner inner’ . Behaviour wise he’s still a little terror so nursery or no nursery i dont think i saw a change#PostsFromTheHeart


    1. I was exactly the same. I dropped her off and then cried all the way home in the car lol but she’s fine and really enjoys it. I’m sure your daughter will be the same x


  3. What an excellent check list! I agree about the concrete (grrrrr) and the homely feel. I remember one nursery we looked at where a young girl was checking her phone! I know that wouldn’t happen now due to safe guarding but she was the reason we didn’t choose that nursery! I hope she had a lot of fun and that you were ok too!


    1. I had a bit of a cry on the first day and so did she but she’s been twice now and seems to really enjoy it. Plus the big hug I get when I pick her up is so nice after what seems like weeks of just being moaned and shouted at lol.
      Ps thank you for your other comment, I have changed it now. I must of been typing too quick lol. Don’t know why spell checker didn’t pick it up though πŸ™ˆ x

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  4. You’ll be amazed at how well she does there. My daughter started 4K this year, and she’s the most perfect version of herself there. She’s also been in daycare since she was 9mo old. Some days were easier than others. It super hard being sperated for so long. Knowing they are with great people in a great place makes a huge difference while I’m at work.


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